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Standard: Level 3

Course Length: 36 Months


Course Description

A Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician Maintains the safety, integrity and effective operation of plant and equipment in industries that are part of the national infrastructure engineering sector such as electricity generating, oil and gas refining and pharmaceuticals.

This course has been chosen to meet the knowledge requirements of the apprenticeship standard, in addition to providing a broad based engineering curriculum that will stand the apprentice in good stead for the future. The BTEC Knowledge course covers a range of units from essential mathematics, through engineering principles and on to materials, drawing, CAD and CAM and electrical circuits and devices. The NVQ course focuses on the workplace experience and has the core units 1,2 and 3 and also units that can be tailored to the apprentice and their work environment and employer expectations.


Course Profile

Career Pathways

Those interested in progressing further in Engineering, for example to university or to register for professional status, should also consider these qualifications as part of their progression.

•         Level 4 diploma Technician in Engineering

•         Level 4 Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 

•         Level 4 Diploma in Civil Engineering 

•         Level 5 Advanced Technician Diploma in Mechanical Engineering 

•         Level 5 Advanced Technician Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

•         Level 5 Advanced Technician Diploma in Civil Engineering 

•         Level 5 Advanced Technician Diploma in Engineering

Job Opportunities (Not an exhaustive list)

These are some of the most popular Maintenance and Operation Engineering Technician careers that you can explore below:

Electrical Technicians
Mechanical Technicians
Control & Instrumentation Technicians
Wind Turbine Technicians 
Electrical System and Process Control Technicians
Electromechanical Technicians 
Plant Operations Technicians.