Be Your Best Self

As our year 13 learners draw nearer to their next step, whether that will be applying to university or for an apprenticeship, we posed the question: How do you express your best self to an employer? Sarah McMath, CEO at MOSL and Angela Day, Head of People, MOSL (Market Operator Services Limited) visited our year 13 learners to help guide them through this next step.

MOSL is a company that employs for around 75 unique roles, so our guest speakers were well equipped to offer our learners some great top tips to make them shine their brightest during any interview.

Key tips from MOSL's talk included:

  • Take advantage of extra-curricular activities
    The vast range of extra-curricular activities and societies on offer at LDE UTC, in addition to regular opportunities for employer engagement serve to enhance our learners’ balance between academic and life skills and help bring them to life during interviews.

  • Understand your advantages
    Attending LDE UTC along with being a part of ‘Gen Z’ means that our learners are technologically more astute than most. They have access to a world-class training facility, and are taught by teachers who have a wealth of industry experience. These advantages, alongside any other personal skills they possess, separate them from other applicants. Our learners are also well aware of the options available to them once they leave LDE UTC;
  • Research the company and job role
    Taking the time to research the company and job role to show that you’re prepared. The endless stream of companies that we work alongside and who offer Masterclasses to our learners are a great source of inspiration to our learners and a number of these companies go on to employ our learners. Our destinations page shows a sample of where some of our alumni have gone;
  • Have a question for your interviewer
    MOSL offered fantastic tips on question topics such as career progression, interviewers’ career history and trajectory, company environment etc. Our careers Lead, Janice Tricks supports our learners with career applications, often arranging mock interviews and helping them express themselves and provide evidence that they have been engaged in the interview process.

Sarah said, “We want to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for the next step after you leave LDE UTC”. The learners ended the session feeling well prepared for their journey ahead.

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