Budding Brunels Blown Away by LDE UTC Learners

Earlier this month, three learners were invited to take part in the Budding Brunels Programme run by Construction Youth Trust, a construction company with whom we work very closely. Year 12 learners Tahsin, Rose and Jericho were welcomed to CYT’s Bermondsey Campus where they gained invaluable insight into the construction industry. Construction Youth Trust works with a diverse demographic of young people to introduce them to professional career opportunities in construction.

The learners enjoyed a tour of a live construction site and partook in their industry-led accredited workshops. They then had the opportunity to prepare and give group presentations to an industry panel, which offered our learners first-hand experience into the various roles within the construction industry, whilst also challenging their communication, teamwork and public speaking skills. We are immensely proud to say that our learners rose to the challenge and excelled throughout the workshop and presentation. 

Schools and Programmes Coordinator Emily Martindale shared how amazed she was by our learners: "We were so impressed by their hard work, attitude and teamwork. Our industry volunteers were also incredibly impressed by the presentations they delivered. We were actually so blown away, that we will be offering all of them a work experience placement."

Employer engagement continues to be a top priority in the college and our learners have very much bought into the vision! Jericho described employer engagement as "...incredibly important’ as it provides a pathway to work – which is of course what we have to do once we leave here or after higher education.’ Tahsin said that ‘employment engagement is important to me because I want to know how my classwork relates to the real world.’ 

With the vast range of employer engagement opportunities available across the college, we are looking forward to hearing many more amazing stories like this one. 

CEO & Principal Geoffrey Fowler added, "At LDE UTC we are committed to providing pathways to employment and valuable opportunities for our learners. We are so proud of Tahsin, Rose and Jericho who have shown that they understand the value of all the opportunities available at the college."

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