Brewing up Excitement for our Year 10 Learners

This term in Science, our year 10 learners have been working on distillation and separation techniques as part of their Chemistry course. We partnered up with Peter Tichborn and his firm PennSource Partnership – important  and strategic players in the food and drinks sector. They have worked with Coca Cola, EDME and other major food and drinks processing firms. Our learners heard all about using filtration, distillation and fermentation techniques to make various food and drinks products including cola and other malted food and beverages.

Peter visited us to deliver a Masterclass for our learners and to set some small challenges for them, bringing to light the industry-related perspective to what they have been learning in their chemistry lessons. Our learners were very interested to see how the processes they have been studying are used in multi-billion-dollar industries. They were able to apply their knowledge to solve the problems Peter set them in his masterclass and some have even been inspired to pursue this industry as a career.

by Adam Masheter, Curriculum Lead - Science

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