Banking on Success

Since the start of the new term, our year 13 computer science learners have had the privilege of benefitting from weekly mentoring sessions with software developers from leading multinational investment banking and financial services company, Morgan Stanley, to discuss their Non-Exam Assessment (NEA).

Mentors from the company are working with our learners across five sessions to offer support with their NEA. The NEA requires learners to analyse, develop, test, evaluate and document a program written in a suitable programming language. Learners were encouraged to infuse their projects with their own passions and interests, which has led to some impressive outcomes ranging from platform games to chat applications.   

Learners presented and discussed these outcomes with their mentors and gained invaluable advice and experience. These experts questioned the learners and offered them programming tips to enhance their projects. Learners have had continued access to support from leading software developers who have been able to be a part of the week-by-week development of the projects.

Computing teacher Alan Soong said, ‘These mentoring sessions give learners insight into industry standard practices, the skills they need in software development and working both collaboratively and remotely. Through Microsoft Teams, learners have been discussing their ideas and designs, and sharing approach to coding. It has been so valuable for the learners to be able to articulate project decisions to accomplished industry professionals.’.

We are thankful to volunteers who have offered their time. They have been extremely insightful and shown care for the progress of our learners and their projects. Not only are these sessions beneficial to the outcome of the NEAs, but they bridge the gap between education and industry, as learners gain insight into the ways that their learning in a computing classroom can reap benefits in the working world.








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