Building Bridges with Maths: Year 12 Learners Explore Trigonometry with JB Construction

Our Year 12 Maths learners recently had the unique opportunity to delve into the practical applications of trigonometry in a masterclass led by J Browne Construction. Known for their expertise in various sectors like water waste, developer services, and infrastructure, J Browne Construction showcased how integral maths is in the construction industry, particularly in areas like bridge design. 

The session opened with an introduction to JB Construction, offering learners a glimpse into the diverse work areas of the company and what it's like to be part of their team. This insight set the stage for understanding the significance of maths in real-world construction scenarios. 

The masterclass focused on the use of trigonometry in bridge design, highlighting how SOH CAH TOA is applied in finding missing sides and angles in right-angled triangles. Learners were captivated as they discovered the practical use of maths in designing structures like Truss and Cantilever bridges. 

Working in groups, the learners tackled a variety of maths problems based on real-life situations that J Browne Construction professionals encounter. This collaborative approach not only strengthened their mathematical skills but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the subject's relevance in everyday problem-solving. 

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A, allowing learners to engage directly with industry professionals and gain further insights into the construction world. 

We are grateful to J Browne Construction for providing our learners with such an enlightening experience. This masterclass not only reinforced the importance of maths in the construction industry but also opened our learners' eyes to the exciting career possibilities in this field. 

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