Bridging Maths and Finance: Year 12 Learners Navigate Investment Volatility with UBS Expert

Diving into the intricate world of financial mathematics, our Year 12 learners recently had the privilege of participating in a masterclass led by Sepehr from UBS Wealth Management UK. With over a decade of experience in Tier 1 Financial Services, Sepehr's role as a Project and Change Specialist ideally positions him to guide learners through the complexities of investment volatility, the Sharpe Ratio, and data analysis in Excel. 
The session, conducted in the main hall, was an immersive experience, reflecting Sepehr’s real-world applications of mathematical principles. Working in groups, learners tackled tasks that not only underscored the relevance of mathematics in finance but also stimulated their analytical thinking about investments and risk management. 
Huma, a participating learner, shared, "The session provided practical insights into the use of mathematics in assessing investments and understanding the Sharpe Ratio. It was a compelling introduction to real-world financial mathematics." 
Sepehr also offered learners a glimpse into his career trajectory, shedding light on the dynamic nature of working in wealth management and the critical role of mathematics in making informed investment decisions. 

Reflecting on learning about our visitor's career, learner Alpona shared "Sep gave an overview of his career path which was interesting. He also shared valuable information of his company and how it works." 
The culminating task challenged learners to apply their newfound knowledge pragmatically: 
1. Select five companies for potential investment. 
2. Analyse a year’s worth of data in Excel, calculating the Sharpe Ratio for each. 
3. Present findings and investment recommendations in PowerPoint, supplemented by additional indicators like relevant news articles. 
Maths teacher Zakiyah lauded the session's impact, "It was enlightening to see the application of standard deviation in finance and how learners applied these concepts in Excel, mirroring professional practices in wealth management." 

We extend our gratitude to Sepehr Joadat for delivering such a valuable and engaging masterclass, and we commend our learners for their enthusiastic participation. 

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