Engineers Dive into Programming with AWS Expertise

Our T Level Engineering group, alongside our Year 13 Engineering learners, recently enjoyed a unique learning opportunity with Amazon Web Services (AWS). They delved into the intricacies of JavaScript programming, a vital skill underpinning their Mechatronics curriculum, guided by Ibtehaj, a seasoned Solutions Architect from AWS. 

Amazon Web Services, a powerhouse in cloud computing, provides a robust platform for developers to innovate and deploy scalable applications. Ibtehaj's role involves helping customers harness AWS's full potential, making him the perfect mentor for our learners exploring JavaScript. 

Understanding and programming in languages such as Python and Java are cornerstone skills for our engineering curriculum. These languages offer versatility and power across various engineering disciplines, from software development to mechatronics. This session not only honed our learners' coding skills but also provided them with a clearer vision of how such expertise applies in real-world engineering scenarios. 

The chance to interact directly with an industry leader like Ibtehaj offered our learners an invaluable perspective on the practical applications of their studies. They saw firsthand the relevance of their programming skills in shaping the future of technology and engineering. 

Wrapping up the session, Ibtehaj shared insights into his professional journey, from his academic background to his current role at AWS. This open Q&A allowed our learners to gain a deeper understanding of the career pathways available in the ever-evolving field of cloud computing and software engineering. 

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ibtehaj and AWS for enriching our curriculum with this engaging and educational programming masterclass. Such collaborations underscore our commitment to equipping our learners with the skills and insights needed to excel in the engineering sector. 

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