Leveraging LinkedIn: Ramboll’s Mona Inspires with Career-Building Session

In a digitally connected world, understanding how to navigate professional networks is crucial for career development. Recognising this, our Year 12 learners recently benefited from a comprehensive masterclass on using LinkedIn effectively, led by Mona, a Talent Acquisition professional from Ramboll. 

Ramboll, a global powerhouse in architecture, engineering, and consultancy, established in Denmark in 1945, has been at the forefront of driving sustainable solutions in various sectors. Its commitment to innovation and excellence mirrors the opportunities LinkedIn offers to aspiring professionals eager to carve out their careers in similar high-impact fields. 

During the workshop, Mona shared valuable insights from her rich career in recruitment, underscoring LinkedIn’s pivotal role in today's job market. She detailed strategies for building a compelling online presence, from crafting a standout profile to networking with industry leaders and identifying job openings that align with one's skills and interests. 

Highlighting the essence of LinkedIn, Mona guided learners through the art of making meaningful professional connections and leveraging the platform to showcase their unique talents and achievements. Her insider tips on what recruiters look for in potential candidates were particularly enlightening, offering learners a clearer path to catching the eye of their dream employers. 

The interactive Q&A session that followed allowed learners to dive deeper, asking tailored questions that reflected their individual career ambitions. This dialogue further enriched their understanding of how to utilise LinkedIn not just as a social platform but as a strategic tool in their professional toolkit. 

Our heartfelt thanks go to Mona for sharing her expertise with our learners, providing them with a roadmap to navigate their futures with confidence. Her workshop has laid a foundation for our students to harness the full potential of LinkedIn, setting them on a path to professional growth and success. 

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