LDE UTC Apprenticeship Enrolment Opens

Despite the challenging year and the loss of normality due to the pandemic, more than ever, we are eager to continue our commitment to creating employer led apprenticeships which will help to recruit new talent and to enable the growth of your own skilled staff for the future. In the calamity of 2020 we had a visit from OFSTED who gave an overwhelmingly positive review of our apprenticeship provision.
As a result, we are very pleased to announce that the London Design Engineering UTC has officially began recruiting for its apprenticeship programme in September 2021.

We are offering the following Level 3 apprenticeships:

  • Digital Engineer Technician (DET) 
  • Maintenance and Operations Engineer Technician (MOET) 
  • Engineering Technician (ET) 
  • Engineering, Design and Draughtsperson (EDD) 

We are currently providing apprenticeship training for the following companies:

and many more...

We would be delighted to add you to our growing list of partners. Feel free to reach out today.

Find out more at our apprenticeship area: 


Contact our Apprenticship Team:
07743 297113
020 3019 7333

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