LDE UTC Poetry Competition

LDE UTC learners have organised a poetry competition for all the college to be a part of. Our judges are looking for creativity, originality and self-expression. Good luck!

Competition details 
The maximum poem length is a page (or under two minutes for spoken/video submissions) 
Email submissions to [email protected] with the subject ‘poetry entry’ 
Deadline for entry 28/02/22 @ 1:20 
Our three winners will each get £10 amazon gift card and have their poems published on the college website. 

Suggested writing prompts 
Write a poem with the opening line: 
-I stand in my legacy... 
-The first day I met you... 
-When I was younger, I dreamed that... 
Write a poem using anaphora (the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses): 
-My future will be 
-When I open my eyes  
-hope is 
Write a poem celebrating one of your inspirations: 
-a musician 
-a family member  
-anyone or anything that has inspired you! 
Write a poem about something that needs to change: 
-social media 
-something within yourself  
Write a poem conversing with yourself: 
-your past self 
-your reflection (present) 
-your future self 
You do not have to use these writing prompts they are just suggestions to get you started! 

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