Course Level: GCSE

Exam Board: AQA

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Entry requirements: No specific requirements

Watch the following video from the Science Department which runs our Combined Science Course:

Course Description:

Combined Science will encourage learners to:

  1. Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics
  2. Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science
  3. Develop and learn to apply observational, practical, modelling, enquiry and problem solving skills, both in the laboratory, in the field and in other learning environments
  4. Develop their ability to evaluate claims based on science through critical analysis of the methodology, evidence and conclusions.    
Course Profile

Career Pathways

GCSE combined science/ grade 7 and above - any Science A level

Apprenticeship or level 3 course/University, level 4 course or higher apprenticeship

Job Opportunities

Civil Engineer


Chemical Engineer

Forensic scientist

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