Course Level: L2 Certificate

Exam Board: OCR - Cambridge Nationals

Specification link: Engineering Manufacture

Entry requirements: No specific requirements, a strong interest in the manufacture of products is beneficial.

Watch the following video from the Engineering Department which runs our Engineering Manufacture Course:

Course Description

This course will cover a broad spectrum of engineering knowledge and combines it with a practical focus on the design and manufacture of engineered products.  

Engineering manufacture is a discipline of engineering dealing with different manufacturing practices and processes using machines, tools and equipment that turn raw materials to new products.

You will be assessed through a combination of written exam for unit 1(R109) and internally assessed assignments for the three remaining units.

Course Profile

Career Pathways

L2 Engineering leads to Level 3 Engineering and can also lead to apprenticeships and direct employment.

It may also lead you to A Level engineering or Product Design.

Job Opportunities

You could work in a wide and exciting range of industries: you could work in the water industry, you could work in building services, you could choose a career as a materials engineer or a manufacturing engineer.

This could lead to: biomedical engineering, making prosthetic limbs, Formula 1, making parts for and building racing cars. You could end up developing and making parts for technologies that don’t even exist yet!

Further reading

Institute of Engineers website.